Dentistry For Today’s Family


If you are looking for a great place to smile look no further than Federal Way Smiles.

Yes, we’re a dental office, but we’re also much more than that. Whether you’re looking to maintain healthy teeth, get that smile you’ve always wanted, or have past negative experiences, we’re here to put you at ease. Feel free to give us a call or submit a Contact form today, we’d love to meet you and your family!

Also, if you’ve been thinking about improving your smile, please check out our SmileĀ Makeovers website where you’ll find information about Tooth Whitening, Implant Dentistry and more!

4b18326cc0e21Lawrence Ladowski, DDS

Dr. Ladowski earned his doctorate from the University of Washington School of Dentistry and each year continues to study advanced family and cosmetic dental techniques. But despite his clinical accolades Dr. Ladowski, does something all to rare in today’s rushed world… he listens and gets to know each patient one on one.

4b18328039241Danielle Tomlinson, DDS

Dr. Tomlinson has a gentle, friendly style, and the unique ability to help every patient feel completely at ease while making informed decisions regarding their dental health. Along with her father, Dr. Lawrence Ladowski, she has helped make Federal Way Smiles feel more like a family than a dental clinic.